Award Program for Small Government Cash Basis Reports

The Award Program for Small Government Cash Basis Reports is designed for the thousands of small governments for which financial reporting in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) is not a viable option. Read more.

For some participants, participation in the award program may be the first step toward GAAP financial reporting.

GFOA congratulates the three winners of the award for their annual reports for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014:



Eligibility. If the answer to all of the following questions is “yes,” the government is eligible to submit a report for consideration:

  1. REVENUE CEILING. Does the government report $25 million or less in revenues for the primary government in its government-wide financial statements (either for the current year or the average of the five most recent fiscal years)?
  2. NO GAAP FINANCIAL REPORTS ISSUED IN RECENT PAST. In the most recent five years, have all of the government'’s financial statements been prepared on a basis other than generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)?
  3. CONFORMITY TO PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS. Has the report been prepared using the general guidelines of the Award Program for Small Government Cash Basis Reports, which includes the use of the modified cash basis of accounting as defined in the FAQ document listed below? (See program checklists listed below for more detailed information).

View a complete guide on eligibility.

Applications. The GFOA is currently accepting new applications to the program. The deadline to submit a report falls six months after the government'’s fiscal year end.  Extensions can be requested for extraordinary circumstances by contacting the program.

Download the application to submit a report.

Checklists. All program checklists are now available.



Judging. Reports submitted to the program will be judged by a combination of volunteer reviewers and GFOA professional staff.

To apply to serve as a volunteer reviewer for the program, please fill out the application.


Questions? E-mail Award Programs