State Budget Awards Program

The GFOA is pleased to announce the inauguration of a State Budget Awards Program designed specifically for state governments. The GFOA will accept submissions to the new program starting with state budget documents for the fiscal year that begins January 1, 2017. The existing program for states will no longer be available for submission for fiscal years that begin after January 1, 2017.

NEW - Most Recent State Budget Awards: Budget Years Beginning 1/1/2017 (Winners through December 31, 2017)

Information for participants and potential participants:

 Detailed Location Criteria Guide and Explanation of Criteria:

Vote Page For Budgets:

Are you familiar with GFOA’s State Budget Awards Program? Marita Kelley is the deputy director for the Center for Local Government Services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She’s also a budget reviewer. Hear her thoughts on the program and more during an interview with GFOA TV during last year’s conference.